You and Xenos are flying toward to town of Tichors. During your flight, Xenos tell you about friends he has in that town, and mainly about five dragons named "Les Dracquints".

Xenos is pleased Great! Let's fly then. This beach is a lovely place, but there are a lot more interesting things to see and enjoy.

Xenos takes a map out of a bag he was wearing on his left shoulder.

Xenos is happy Here, take this. It's a map of Insularyuu. It will be usefull for you if it's your first time here.

Map of Insularyuu

Xenos happy face Now, let's fly to Tichors. It's a wonderful town not far from here.

Xenos is pleased Oh, thanks! I always feel cheerful when someone wants to know me. Do you want me to show you the rest of the island then? I could also present you to some of my friends you would like to know too.

Xenos is incredulous I'm Xenos if you want to know. But I want to know your name too, or I'll just leave you there, since you broke my nice dream I was having!

Then you'll have to take a tour of the island by yourself…

Xenos is happy I was dreaming that there were a way for us dragons to meet and tchat with each other, even if we're on the opposite sides of this island. I would love talking to some of my friends without having to travel so far and for so long.

You jump of him and scream as loud as you can!

Xenos is afraid WHAT? WHO? WAIT?!

Xenos is confused Why did you do that? You scared me! I was having a nice dream tho.

Xenos is afraid No need to show me! Do your evil madness far away from me, that's all I want you to do.

He flies away.

Xenos is pleased I knew you were joking.

Xenos is pleased Would you like me to show you the rest of the island? I know some great places and dragons here.

Xenos is sarcastic Oh, year, evil guys always look as weak as you do, and all the evilness they do is just wake other dragons up…

Xenos is happy Okay, I understand that. I like to be alone sometimes too. If you change your mind later, just get back to me and I'll show you the great places and nicest dragons I know.

Xenos is happy You did your trick, you've scared me! Would you like to take a tour around this island with me?

Xenos is angry Really? Why? Why are you happy breaking other dragons' dreams?

Xenos pouty face I'm Xenos. Why did you woke me up? I was having a great dream!

Xenos is tired Humpf…

Xenos is hollow Hum… Who are you? Why did you wake me up?

Looks like there is a sleepy dragon here…

Xenos tired face zzzzzzzz…

You're wandering down that warm sanded beach, when you suddenly hear a noise behind a dune.

Great! You've scared me for a second!
Let's take a walk on the beach then.

Okay. Bye.

The end.
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Story and character belongs to me (Xenos).
Background made by FyreFeathers.

Dear dragon or dragoness, welcome on the Windy Beach of Insularyuu, an island on the planet Dracca. I'm the narrator. Do you want to take a tour of this place?

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A sample game-dialog demo by Xenos
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